Woolly For You

Highest quality cosy NZ possum/merino winterwear – Situated in Parnell, Auckland.

Woolly For You is a quaint old school store located in the gentrified suburb of Parnell, Auckland, just 3 km from the CBD of Auckland.It is a niche supplier of high quality New Zealand manufactured woollen, and more specifically possum/merino, garments for winterwear.

The store’s motto is….

“You will never regret purchasing an item from Woolly For You”

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Possum Merino Winterwear

The clothing and accessories that Woolly For You mainly stocks is New Zealand manufactured, and comprised of a unique yarn generally made up of 40% Possum Fur, 50% merino sheepswool, and a small percentage of strengthening fibre, be it either Silk or Nylon.

This composition is favoured by 6 specialist manufacturers based around New Zealand who we source our product from.

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Unsure about your sizing? Call +64 9 377 5437 – We’ll help you select the correct fit for any item