The clothing that Woolly For You mainly stocks is comprised of a yarn generally made up of 40% Possum Fur, 50% merino sheepswool, and a small percentage of strengthening fibre, be it either Silk or Nylon.

This composition is favoured by 6 specialist manufacturers based around New Zealand who we source our product from. This yarn composition has come into vogue for winterwear over the past 20 years for a variety of reasons:

  • The possum fur follicle has been found to have extraordinary insulating properties due to it’s hollow core (an attribute found in only one other animal species, the Polar Bear) as well as having a smooth exterior accounting for its softness to touch. It, when combined with merino, is a more stable garment through the machine wash cycle than 100% merino.
  • Merino is the finest wool, and the wool variety predominantly used in clothing, due to it’s strong & resilient nature. As well as being an insulating fibre, it has the unique ability to keep a wearer comparatively warmer than most other fibres when damp and also the ability to resist/absorb body odour due to it’s lanolin content and wicking ability, an attribute that no synthetic fibre has been able to emulate.
  • The brushtail (unlike the rodentlike American opossum) possum is an an Australian native. It was inadvertently brought to New Zealand around 150 years ago and has slowly spread to almost all corners of our treasured land consuming it’s way through a major slice of our native flora along the way. There is a consensus that this animal has become a major threat to our native forests and rare birdlife, and accepted by all stakeholders in our fair land that culling should be encouraged.
  • The clothing comprising this yarn is a lot lighter than a standard wool garment, and yet is still much warmer and does not have that “itchy wool” feel due to the high content of the smooth possum fur, fine merino and fine silk or nylon thread.
  • We compare this unique New Zealand fibre, that is created into fashionable items of clothing, and available at our Auckland store, with luxury motor vehicle brands. It will be a garment that you treasure for many years, that will not date, due to it’s thoughtfulness when created, and exclusivity, and an item of clothing, that when there’s a cold nip in the air, you can’t wait to jump into, and be seen in.
  • We also supply Kiwifeet, an iconic sheepskin slipper, standard NZ manufactured sheepskin slippers and ugg boots, as well as a variety of accessories including very popular pure possumfur neck wraps and inner soles.
  • Prepare before you go to Queenstown or Aspen or for a cool morning in Auckland, and pay us a visit. 


Woolly For You is a quaint old school store located in the gentrified and central suburb of Parnell, Auckland.

It was established in 1984, and set out to become the niche supplier of high quality New Zealand manufactured woollen, and more specifically merino, garments for winterwear, which it has achieved, serving thousands of customers who are a lot warmer for wear, due to their Woolly For You acquisitions, and more often than not, return to purchase other pieces of cosy fashionable and naturally sustainable clothing.

The property itself is owned by the Harvey family, longtime stalwarts of the Parnell retail precinct, and, whose patriarch developed the iconic Parnell Village shopping area, a boutique drawcard destination in this part of Auckland.

Patricia Hookham founded and operated the premises for many years and in 2015 sold the business. We aspires to continue the tradition of stocking and supplying to clients, high quality NZ manufactured natural fibre winterwear.